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Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Platinum are the top of the line products offered by Software Technology, Inc. These programs utilize state of the art database technology to ensure the fastest performance and lowest network impact possible. As your firm grows, Platinum programs will scale with you, limiting degradation in performance caused by processing increasing amounts of data.


Auto-RecoveryPlatinum's Auto-Recovery feature protects your firm's data. The software takes a snapshot of your data as each transaction or process starts. If a process, such as Update Statements, is interrupted by a power outage or a lost network connection, the software automatically rolls back the process so that no error occurs and you do not need to restore from a backup.


HotBackupHotBackup allows you to perform backups without anyone exiting the software. Normal daily work continues. You do not need to stay late into the evening to run a backup. This eliminates the downtime typically associated with the otherwise exclusive task of running a backup. HotBackup setup allows you to configure e-mail notifications to be sent to any e-mail address upon each HotBackup success or error.


eNotePlatinum includes eNote intra-office messaging in PracticeMaster. Sometimes you cannot wait for someone to find your e-mail in an overflowing inbox. Other times you need to tell someone something while on the phone. When you receive an eNote, it pops up on your screen. You can easily reply, forward or dismiss it. If you don't want to be bothered, you can set your status to "Do Not Disturb," so your eNote can be read later. You can also use eNote to send co-workers links to appointments or any other record for quick reference.


AcceleratorsPlatinum's Accelerator technology speeds up reports, column sorting, and list filtering. If your firm has a large data file, lots of users, or a congested network, Accelerators can offer significant results. While any comparison depends greatly on the hardware and data file involved, large firms typically see their most common reports processed 10 to 30 times faster than with the multi-user version of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster. For example a report that typically takes 30 seconds to process may take only a second.

Log Off User.

Log Off UserSafely log off users to easily do maintenance work such as installing updates. When you start the log off process, you can send a message to each user telling them what is happening. This gives them a chance to finish their work and exit. Your message also includes a countdown that shows them how long they have until they are logged off.

Exchange Connector.

Exchange ConnectorPlatinum's Exchange Connector synchronizes PracticeMaster calendars and contacts with Outlook via Microsoft Exchange. Because Microsoft Exchange is always on, appointments and contacts on your smartphone are synchronized with PracticeMaster even when your computer is off. That means people at the office will be able to see appointments that you add on your phone.

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SOS, Inc. Platinum SQL

Platinum SQL, an optional upgrade to Platinum, is designed to use 64-bit server capabilities for faster data queries in external 64-bit programs, such as Microsoft Access® and Excel®. Platinum SQL will also allow firms to access Tabs3 and PracticeMaster data with their existing MIcrosoft SQL servers and includes a server performance tracking dashboard.

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