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Tabs3 Financial Software

Tabs3 Financial software is the most efficient way to handle your firm’s finances. The seamless integration between Tabs3 Financial Software and Tabs3 Billing Software will save you hours of data entry time. Add an address or a fee; write a check or create a bill - after you enter information in one Tabs3 product, you can use that information in any other Tabs3 product.

Tabs3 Financial Software is easy to use, with the same look and feel as Tabs3. And whenever you have a question, you call one support team that can answer your questions about any of the products and how they work together.

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Tabs3 Financial Software SOS, Inc. Tabs3 General Ledger
Provides insight into your firm's business with detailed and summary financial statements.

SOS, Inc. Tabs3 Accounts Payable
Makes bill paying easier.

SOS, Inc. Tabs3 Trust Accounting
Manages trust accounts for your clients accurately and easily.

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Tabs3 General Ledger Software

Tabs3 General Ledger Software provides insight into your firm's business with detail and summary financial statements.


Create Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance, and Journal Reports for you and your accountant. The General Ledger Report shows the opening balance, all journal entries, total debits and credits, and the closing balance for each account that is printed. Financial statements for the firm can be created for individual departments and locations.

Chart of Accounts.

General Ledger Software comes with a chart of accounts that firms may use as-is, or modify to fit their current account structure. Optionally create budgets for each expense account. This program allows up to 30 different journals and multiple sets of books with unique charts of accounts and fiscal year-ends. Easily reconcile bank statements to cash accounts.

Journal Entries.

Journal entries can be added or adjusted for prior months and automatically adjust the appropriate balances for each succeeding month. Optionally import journal entries from Peninsula Software's PenSoft® Payroll.

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Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software

Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software makes bill paying easier.

Write Checks.

Print checks then post them to Tabs3 General Ledger. Makes bill paying easier.

Stay Organized.

Track invoices and keep a list of all vendors in one place. Stay on top of your cash flow by tracking cash requirements, invoice aging and vendor discounts. Reports create an audit trail for all voided checks.

Create 1099 Forms.

Print 1099 forms or create a 1099 Disk File for electronic submission.

Save Time.

Automatically enter recurring transactions and summarize vendor payments. See all of your checks in one easy-to-use check register.

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Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software

Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software manages trust accounts for your clients accurately and easily.


Seamless integration with Tabs3 Billing Software, Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software and Tabs3 General Ledger, with the same look and feel as Tabs3 Billing Software. Call one support team for help with all Tabs3 products.

Ease of Use.

Tracks an unlimited number of trust accounts and manages up to 99 different bank accounts. The software warns you when an account goes below a minimum balance, and allows for easy reconciliation of bank statements.

Easily handle your accounting.

Print checks, ledgers (for individual trust accounts and for bank accounts), and IRS 1099 forms. Optionally process client deposits via credit card (merchant account required).

Tabs3 Billing Integration.

Trust balances appear on work-in-process reports. Trust transactions or balances can appear on billing statements. Payments made to your firm from a client’s trust account can automatically generate a payment in Tabs3.

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