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SOS Proactive Maintenance Hosted email, email security and email archiving

SOS, Inc. Hosted Business Email Made Easy

Sample Spam Report When it comes to your organization's email, you need administrative control, redundancy and reliability, but do you really have the necessary resources in place?

Few organizations do - which is why so many corporations around the world rely on ElectricMail's secure email hosting services.

As an SOS, Inc. and ElectricMail customer, you choose from a number of essential services for a fraction of the cost of hosting them yourself: Hosted Exchange, Hosted Mail and Webmail, as well as email security services and email archiving.

With no software or hardware to purchase or maintain, you'll not only enjoy top-quality hosted email services - you can also make substantial savings!

SOS, Inc. Email Security

Sample Spam Report Viruses, spam, phishing, email flooding, directory harvest attacks, denial of service attacks - the number, type, and sophistication of email-borne threats increase daily.

Increase productivity within your IT department and across the organization. Prevent downtime and critical data loss. Meet legislative compliance requirements and reduce overall risk. From Spam Filtering and Virus Blocking to Attack/Fraud Prevention and Email Continuity, PerimeterProtect services translate into meaningful business results.

SOS, Inc. VaultSMART: Secure Email Archiving

With SOS, Inc. and ElectricMail's hosted message archiving service, VaultSMART, you'll never lose sleep wondering whether the email you sent last week or last year still exists or wonder how you will go about finding that information when you need it or are asked by the courts or a regulatory body to produce it. Upon implementing SOS, Inc. and ElectricMail's VaultSMART, all messages are securely archived for as long as you chose and are fully indexed for instant retrieval.

If you're struggling with finding a cost effective way to retain and recover important email data, look no further. Once you have installed VaultSMART, you'll enjoy these valued benefits:

  • Automatic archiving - set and forget
  • Selective archiving options - choose which email you want archived based on your organization's needs when you combine VaultSMART with our email policy engine, PolicySMART
  • Powerful search options - find messages quickly and easily
  • Secure and tamper-proof - you hold the key
  • Reporting - audit logs of all activity
  • Archived messages at your fingertips - full round-the-clock accessibility
  • Scale with the growing enterprise - unlimited mailbox capacity
  • Compliance capability - fully compliant email for regulatory requirements or legal discovery
  • No storage hardware to buy or install - easy budgeting
  • Deploy the most cost effective email archiving available - cost predictability and only the features you really need

SOS, Inc. Free Onsite Consultation

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss our Proactive Maintenance & Remote Monitoring Services, please contact us at 206-399-6665 or complete our contact form.