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You wouldn't drive a car without checking the oil now and then, yet that's Solutions Oriented Systems, Inc. what most businesses do with their networks. There are patches, upgrades, and tests that should be done on a regular basis but there never seems to be enough time. These days, that can be a critical mistake leading to huge downtime and expensive cleanups.

SOS is pleased to provide our Proactive Maintenance & Remote Monitoring (PMRM) program for business networks. For too long this type of service has been too expensive for most businesses. Now, using SOS's Best Practice approach, your business can enjoy the security of knowing your network is operating at its peak.

SOS, Inc. Service Plan Details

We have designed our plans with you in mind. As a result we have come up with three plans that should meet the needs of any size business and budgets. We can also custom tailor a package for you should that be necessary. So, no matter if you pick our Silver, Gold, or Platinum package, rest assured that your network will be well taken care of.

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To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss our Proactive Maintenance & Remote Monitoring Services, please contact us at 206-399-6665 or complete our contact form.